What I Love About My Son Having An Ipod!

Posted on January 12, 2013


So Fab Son 1 aka R got an Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation for his 9th birthday late 2012 , if you missed the totally cute and watch worthy video from the big day, you will find it here. Pretty cool eh?

Over the Christmas break and school summer holidays, the iPod has become FS1’s best friend and fair enough, he has been waiting for it for TWO whole years after all ! Sarcasms aside, R has waited quite patiently so it is a well deserved birthday present and absolutely no surprise that I have now lost a son to the world of iTunes, iPod apps and games I had no idea even existed. Angry Birds is as far as I will go. But these days, it is all about the technology and cool gadgets. It’s a boy thing too I suppose ( for further explanations, read here).

As with all technology, it can either be a blessing or a menace. Bearing this in mind, I am quite  judicious with FS1’s usage of the iPod with strict rules on what can be downloaded and what can not and how much time he spends on it a day. So for example, come the start of school in Feb’13, the iPod will be safely tucked away only to be used on weekends but until then usage within reason is perfectly fine by me.

We are all aware of the dangers of children being exposed to technology but there are some fantastic benefits too! Apart from the fact that he can just about Google everything, he is aware how hot the next 3 days will be but what I love MOST about my son having an iPod is this!

modern day communication with children

This exchange happened last week while my super amazing parents were looking after the kids so I could peacefully go to work.

I LOVE how I can talk to my son no matter where I am and he doesn’t need to have a phone just yet, a wifi connection is just fine. I like the fact that I can get down to his level and communicate with him in a way in which he can relate to me. Funnily enough, the message hasn’t changed , the modes have, yep rooms still need to be cleaned, toys still need to be packed away and beds still need to be made!

Oh and the other reason is that he takes beautiful pictures! Have you seen this shot?

How do you see parent-child communication changing with technological developments? How do you cope?

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