A Perfect Little Pick Me Up From Wonder Winnies {Review}

Posted on January 24, 2013


It’s been a scorcher of a summer here in Australia and as surprising as this may sound, I don’t do summer very well. Perhaps it has something to do with growing up in a hot and humid country, the heat makes me want to turn the aircon on full blast and drink down insane amounts of water/coke or any other beverage as long as it’s chilled. Oh and yeah, I wouldn’t bother talking to me until the mercury drops to a cool and comfortable 20ish.

Woder winnies review

Sometimes though,water doesn’t cut it and you can’t exactly OD on aerated drinks. Enter Wonder Winnies by Nudie. I have always been a fan of the Nudie range so no surprise that I loved doing a taste test on these delicious drinks when they arrived in the post the other day. Sweetened with stevia, and enhanced with natural herbs, Wonder Winnies are a fantastic  range of low calorie thirst quenchers – perfect on those really hot days when you need a little pick me up to grab and go. I personally loved mine chilled with heaps of ice. Yum!

Available in the following flavours :

  • Cranberry and Apple with Aloe Vera
  • Grapefruit with Gingko Biloba
  • Lemon and Apple with Guarana
  • Cranberry, Apple and Lemon with Echinacea
  • Cranberry and Raspberry with Rosehip

Tasty, healthy, convenient and affordable, the little wonders were also quite a hit with the kidlets, cranberry, apple and lemon with echinacea being voted the favourite!

Wonder Winnies are available at Woolworths Australia wide and all other good food stores. You can find out more about the Wonder Winnies range on their Facebook page.


Disclaimer : This is NOT  a paid review for Wonder Winnies, all opinions are the author’s own. However, the author was provided with a set of drinks for review purposes.

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