Savvy Spaces With MissK – Inaugural Piece

Posted on February 15, 2013


 The arrival of a beautiful new 2013 ushered in bevy of changes at Mumchic HQ too. We now aspire to be a lot more diverse with our stories, posts and interviews and hope that all you wonderful readers have a richer experience.That said ,today we are introducing a brand new segment on Mumchic, a column dedicated to Chic And Inspired Living – Savvy Spaces. And with the addition of Savvy Spaces, I would like to officially and very warmly welcome Miss K to the Mumchic family. Miss K is passionate about creating chic and beautiful spaces and is a home organisation junkie. She hopes to create a better world, one clean bench top at a time. Over to you MissK :)

Savvy Spaces – Inaugural Piece

Welcome to our first edition of Savvy Spaces!!  Have you been on a constant quest to get your home organised?  Have you had good intentions but never really embraced the change?  Perhaps 2013 is the year to finally say, YES I AM IN!  Join us here as we meander, explore and create more organised, functional and chic spaces in our home.

It may sound simple but clear space creates clarity of mind.  How does it feel when you walk into a room that is a MESS?  Does your mood instantly deflate?  Compare that to the feeling of walking into a clean, tidy, guest ready area.  Keeping a space clear is an empowering action that will bring peace and well being into your home.

Having your surroundings organised helps you feel in control.  Mess, clutter and chaos evoke feelings of anxiety and stress, often making you feel overwhelmed in other areas of your life.

Our first challenge is to focus on keeping your kitchen bench top clean and clear.  This area is often the number one dumping ground for everything filtering into your home. It can become the drop zone for items such as keys, shopping, school bags, letters, papers, tools, toys, clothes, etc…..sound familiar?

 The simple act of clearing off your kitchen bench top can make your kitchen look fresh, clean and uncluttered.    

benchtop 1

So to begin, read and consider the following points

1. Accept that it IS fine that the kitchen is the first drop off zone.  If you think a once over makeover will equate to no more dumping, you will more than likely end up failing. Acknowledge that your kitchen, on many occasions, WILL look like a boxing day sales table, but be assured, with the right storage solutions, 15 mins will see it restored back to calm.

2,Analyse – Spend the next few days taking stock of what the worst clutter culprits are. Perhaps its incoming mail? No set place for the keys? Too many gadgets out on the bench top?  Modern theories will tell you, get rid of almost everything off your bench.  I do believe in minimalist thinking but I am also a practical person and getting the kettle in and out of a cupboard 5 times a day just isn’t me.  Work to YOUR needs.

benchtop 2

3. Create Solutions – Ask yourself, what storage solutions do I need?  What items CAN be stored in this area and how?   Having a designated place to put things will encourage tidiness.  Double win – your space will look tidier and more importantly, you will know where your items are.  The wisdom of everything having a place cannot be underestimated.  When everything has a home, a clean-up, can take just minutes!

 4.Inspired Change – It is very difficult to feel inspired or creative in a messy environment.  Having conquered your bench top, you will feel better able to manage the routine daily tasks.  Take for example meal preparation, clean and clear cooking space is crucial. 

benchtop 4

5.Control what you can – You may not be able to stop other members of your household using the kitchen as a dump zone instantly.  The key to remember tho is that if you have the right storage solutions in place, it will be a quick fix to restore order.  Over time, it can be anticipated that other members of the family will realise that items do have a home and they too will follow your lead.

So where to from here?  Start thinking about your kitchen bench space and stay tuned for more tips as we work our way to clean and clear living.   

Until next time,

Miss K


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