Savvy Spaces With MissK – Clutter Begone!

Posted on February 20, 2013


Thank you for the warm welcome.  It is great to be given the opportunity to chat to you all and I hope that together, we can encourage, inspire and motivate each other.

So did you do your homework?  Did you have a think about what it is that is creating the MESS in your kitchen and more specifically on your kitchen bench top?

What are your clutter culprits?  For me, the main ones were keys, incoming mail, paperwork and fiddly bits and bobs.  It is not uncommon for my kitchen bench top to be loaded with costume jewellery, crayons, lego, the odd barbie shoe and other bits of rubbi..….oops I mean treasures  ;).

Having two girls, a lesson well learnt is that ‘treasures’ are part and parcel of childhood.  What is deemed ‘treasure’, may vary with stages, but it will remain throughout childhood.  It is very apparent  what ‘treasures’ mean to our little ones when we are caught accidentally vacuuming them up  in a clear barrelled vacuum cleaner.  Been there? 

Of course there are also the transient drop off items such as school bags, shopping, shoes and whatever hubby decided to buy off Ebay on any particular day.  These larger items just need to be put into their rightful “homes”.  15 mins should be all that you need to clear your floor space.

In terms of the kitchen bench top focus, the next specific steps are:

  1.  Write a list of the top 3 categories of clutter culprits that frequently get placed onto your bench.
  2. Start to consider what type of storage solutions would fit with your space and budget.
  3. Don’t rush out on a buying spree.  A rushed purchase may, in the long term just  contribute to a clutter problem.  Knowing you have a need for a storage solution, allows you to be on the lookout and when you least expect it, something will jump out at you, perfect for your NEEDS and YOUR space.
  4. Think about where you will position these storage solutions to get maximum benefit.

 My Top 5 Storage Solutions:

1.BASKETS   I absolutely LOVE baskets and have them in use all over my home.  They can be used for so many things and can add a stylish addition to an area, whilst having a very practical use.  They come in all sorts of materials, colours, shapes, sizes and designs.


2.JARS – As my girls have gotten older, I am really starting to use jars more and more.  There are SO many types available now and are very affordable.  Many discount stores offer cute, stylish jars from as little as $2.


3.TINS – I had never really considered tins until I used one I had in the cupboard to store my dishwashing  tablets in and got lots of positive comments about it.   I see them quite often in my travels now.  IKEA do a great range as well as KMART and many discount stores.  Tins are very affordable.  On a recent trip to IKEA, I noticed they had set of 3 different sized tins for $5.95 a set (see black and white set in pic below).


4. BOXES – Whilst they may not be appropriate for some areas of the kitchen due to water damage, they can still be considered if you are to place them away from damp areas.  I do like to use boxes in the study.  The great thing about boxes is that they come in so many different shapes and colours and patterns, often with savvy designs.


5,THINK OUTSIDE THE SQUARE –  don’t pass by items that are made for a different purpose.  You may find some very savvy storage solutions.  For example, flower pots.    Take a look at how I have used flower pots in my home….


So those are a few simply but highly effective storage ideas. I would love to hear what you think you will be considering for your storage solutions and any ideas/tips you may have ?

Stay tuned for the next post where I show you how I have used some of these storage solutions in my home.

Until next time, have an inspired week,

Miss K

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