Happy Birthday Mumchic.

Posted on March 1, 2013


Sisters are amazing. I don’t talk much about mine here on Mumchic but quite honestly, I would be lost without her. She is my biggest and most honest reality check.

Sometime back in early February of 2012, clearly under the influence of some delicious meal I had cooked for her, she said

“You have such great recipes, why don’t you start a blog?”

“But I had a blog, remember?”

“Err yeaah in 2006 or something?”

That came with the look that spells “wtf” in not so many words…. it’s a special wordless exchange that happens between sisters, you won’t understand.

Anywho back to the blog suggestion , I have a feeling she had wind of my floundering ways and thought I was wasting too much important brain space on watching melodramatic Pakistani plays and needed to do something constructive with the little free time I had.

You see, this isn’t the first time someone has suggested writing again but this time around the idea stuck with me. Longer than usual.

And thus out of a random conversation with my little sister, Mumchic was born. Once I had decided that that I was going to start a blog, we agonised  over the theme and a name for weeks eventually deciding on Mum Chic – a hub of all things delicious and chic for but not restricted to mums.

And this little baby is exactly a year old today!

Happy Birthday Mumchic.

Nothing worth having comes easy

Nothing worth having comes easy.

What a journey it has been.The highs, the lows, the joy of creation. If there is one thing I have learnt this past year, it is this. When you love what you do, when you are passionate about what you are building, no hour in the night is too late, no dream futile, no vision too big. Yes it takes courage to do something out of the box and a lot of willpower because as with any uncharted path, there are tests.But that is when you persevere, that is when you give it your best shot.The results might just astound you.

I started blogging as a complete rookie, I had the words but I also had a lot to learn about the game I was playing. Scheduling posts, linkies, PR, coneferences, social media… you name it! So much to take in, I felt overwhelmed. As my readership grew, my goals changed too – I now had plans for this blog but I also had a pressing need to understand the space better.  The trouble with the business of blogging is, the bigger it grows, the bigger you want it to grow. I reached out to people asking for mentorship. Some were extremely gracious and generous, some not so much but I learnt from it, either way.

But having said all of that, my greatest take away of all  from the past year has been the beautiful bloggy friendships I have found along the way and all the mind blowing stories I have been able to read. I feel previleged to have been able to share mine with you.

And last but not the least, the love and untiring support of everyone out there : fellow bloggers, readers, followers, family and friends – Mumchic would not have been here without your support :). Thankyou for putting up with me for a whole year, I promise as I did at the start of the year to bring you better and more exciting things in the year to come.

And before I forget, a special thank you to the person who waved her magic wand and made it all happen!

Thank you little sister. Love you.

P.S I still watch above mentioned melodramatic Pakistani plays, only difference is nowadays the usually play in the background while I write. A girl’s gotta keep up with her plays right?

P.P.S I am writing this post past 1am under a heavy influence of chocolate. If it seems to sappy tomorrow morning, you may blame the chocolate, or the clock or both.

Have you reached a blogging milestone? How did you celebrate?’

Is there something you would like to see more of here on Mumchic over the coming year?

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