To Canberra, With Love.

Posted on March 11, 2013


Canberra Bashing – noun: 1. the act of criticizing the Australian federal government and its bureaucracy. 2. the act of criticising the city of Canberra or its inhabitants.

Canberra has time and again copped a lot of criticism for being a sleepy city , boring, predictable and political. In other words, “Canberra Bashing” – the word is now officially being added to the National Australian Dictionary. Sure enough, Canberra life is nowhere nearly as fast paced as say a Sydney or a Melbourne but I strongly refute the charges of being boring and predictable. 

The BBC published an article last Saturday, a week ahead of Canberra’s official centenary ; Canberra – Deathly Dull at 100 which has perturbed many a Canberrans. We love our city, how dare someone so flippantly refer to it as “devoid of soul” . The writer is grossly mistaken because our  Canberra is all about soul, thank you very much.

There is so much to love about Canberra and I always say to the nay sayers including my skeptical little sister who went to the ANU , “give it a year, the city grows on you.” 2 years and a masters later, she has converted from “I can’t believe I chose Canberra to study, I am escaping to Sydney every second weekend to have a life ” – as you do to ” I love Canberra, it is so peaceful, no one cares what you do, it’s simple, it’s safe – I was so happy there” Well, thanks for listening to big sis yo.

We have such an amazing, close knit, vibrant community spirit. We are diverse, we are cultural, we are tolerant. People actually stop to say hello and smile at you, yes random strangers will smile at you in Canberra. Majority are public servants which means a relaxed, balanced pace of life with most if not all the trappings of a developed metropolitan. Well architected and thoughtfully set out, excellent schools and universities make Canberra a perfect city to raise a family.  Fine, we don’t have trains yet but then with everything literally 20 minutes away, you can’t really complain can you?

Canberrans experience all four seasons, our autumn and spring are particularly stunning so if you are heading this way in the next few months, make sure you capture some of that gorgeous autumn foliage.

We don’t have beaches but we have beautiful lakes and lovely parks, Bateman’s Bay and the snowy mountains are just a short drive away. And if that’s not enough, Canberra with its panoramic skyline is home to some of the most breathtaking sunrises and sunsets in the world.

What’s there not to love? And mind you, this was just a teaser.

I have lived here for 9 years and have never once regretted it. No, I am not a spokesperson for Visit Canberra , just one seriously happy Canberran.

So all you Canberra Bashers, scram!

Leaving you with a collage of all my favourite shots of locations around Canberra over the past year. While it has been a weekend of centenary celebrations for Canberrans, that too a long weekend – be jealous rest of Australia!,  the city officially celebrates it’s 100th Birthday tomorrow :)

canberra collage

Happy 100th Canberra :)

Much Love.

So tell me , where do you live? How old is your city now?

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disclaimer : All images used in this collage are my own. was used to designn the collage.

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