Gone Digital – Is Geek The New Black?

Posted on March 13, 2013


Social media, smart phones, tablets and the like have changed the way we communicate with each other forever. Nowadays it’s all about status updates, hashtags, likes, shares,followers and comments. Couples have rapidly caught on to the digital boom too. And if by chance you work in social media or technology, the conversations you may have with your other half are nothing short of geek. After all, geek is the new black.


But before I go on , here is a bit of context. The woman is a social media strategist, smart, savvy and on top of everything that’s trending. The man, an online activist, intelligent, aware, well read but thinks social media is a complete waste of time and uses twitter to consume and share news. Here’s a typical conversation :

Him : ” I need to increase my twitter following “

Her : “Start engaging in conversations , use hashtags.”

Him: “Using hashtags is below my intelligence.”

Her: “Well guess what honey, half the world runs on hashtags these days, and the other half is rapidly moving towards it.”

I rest my case.

How do you communicate with your better half in 2013? Is social media a crucial component in your lives?

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