Food, Conversation, Inspiration {Canberra Bloggers Brunch}

Posted on March 16, 2013


So as much as I love Canberra , there isn’t a major blogger community presence here. And unfortunately, whenever there has been an event, I haven’t been able to go along due to personal commitments. I decided that was going to change this year. Partly because  as a blogger or any other craft for that matter,  not everyone “gets” blogging and therefore  meeting fellow bloggers is kind of good for your blogging soul. It gives you the reassurance that you aren’t the only crazy one doing crazy things! And partly because I am totally envious of those cool blogger meetups that always happen in the bigger cities  followed by pictures all over social media.

Over the past couple of months, I have been lucky enough to get to know two lovely Canberran bloggers Vanisha from Vanisha’s Life In Australia and Maddy from the newly launched Mummawoosah . Having our own Canberra social was inevitable , so last weekend we met for brunch .

Here is  what followed over the course of the morning in pictures and words.. Enjoy :)

Where there are bloggers, there is food.


And foodie pictures galore !


blogger resolutions

 Maddy had been tossing up about going live for the past few days, she went away  on the day saying she would. And she did ! Well done Maddy – Read her first post here :)

Conversation and Inspiration

blogger conversations

Great food, amazing coffee and fabulous company. 

One of the things we discussed was how important it was to keep it real when you are blogging. That no one has a perfect life. Vanisha went away and wrote a heart warming post about how she has been feeling these past few weeks. You can read it here :)

Happy Snaps

canberra bloggers

The Spoils

the spoils

Maddy brought along some uber gorgeous Nigerian jewellery to show us.

Instant Sharing

sharing instagram

You Facebook it, I’ll instagram it.

And that’s how we roll!

Inspiring stories, Brand new friendships

canberra bloggers 1

It was so refreshing to meet these beautiful, like minded girls and learn more about their life stories. Food, conversation and inspiration, does it get any better ?

Do you ever feel like normal people don’t “get” your blogging ? What has been your best blogger meet up experience?

Image credits : Thankyou Vanisha for sharing your pictures from the day.

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