Budons Back To School Prize Pack valued at $40 – Giveaway closed , winner will be announced on January 28th 2013.

Typo Flip Clock – Giveaway Closed

Competition Extended Due to Popular Demand !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Chic-Fans,

The past couple of weeks have been overwhelming for us with over a 100 new Facebook followers and crazy traffic on the blog, you’ve thrown us off guard (in a fabulous way ofcourse)! We have been thinking and in the world of all things chic, a simple thank you note just doesn’t cut it. So we put our best trend benders out there and sent them looking for the perfect first giveaway for our lovely Chic-Fans (bear with us , we are still devising a better name , suggestions are welcome ) and voila ! We found this very chic Typo clock.

Our experts tell us its the perfect accessory for your desk at work or a subtle yet trendy addition to almost any part of the house and what makes it even better is that it is up for grabs!
All you need to do to win this classy retro flip clock is send us a short write up that defines Mumchic and what it means to you in 50 words or less!
Be creative, imaginative or downright funny, we’d love to hear what you come up with. If you’re feeling extra generous, share the giveaway details with a friend and get cracking on the write-up over a steaming cup of coffee!
The winning entry will receive the Typo clock and will also be featured on the blog.2nd and 3rd runners up will have their entries featured on the blog too.

Send your entries to:
Competition closes : 111:59pm AEST , Tuesday, May 9th,2012

Unfortunately,currently only fans from Australia are eligible to participate. For our fans in other parts of the world, you are not forgotten, we are working on some savvy tie-ups and we should be able organise something exciting for you guys soon.
Good Luck !

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